277 Wolverine Load Data Only!

**NOTE** This information is provided as a reference and is not recommended for everyone. Each loader is responsible for his/her own loading safety. Please start with a reduced load and work your way to the preferred results on your own. We are not held responsible for any irresponsible reloading methods, techniques, or otherwise careless handling of ammunition or weapons. you are ultimately responsible.

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Load Data For 277 Wolverine
BulletPowderPrimerBrassStarting ChargeMax ChargeBarrelVelocityOALNotesUser
Barnes 85gr MPGShooters World Blackout D063-02CCI SR223 Converted24.018″25902.18Lee Odom
Barnes TTSXAA1680CCI 450LC Converted21.521.510.52450James Kinsey
Hornady VMax 110grShooters World – BalckoutCCI 450LC Converted21.0NA12.52305Sub MOA @ 100YrdsCody Staffen
MDWS 100gr Solid Copper
Shooters World BlackoutCCI 450LC22.324.2202823 W/23.4gr2.19Shanon Copeland
Speer 90gr TNT HPAA1680PMCLC 0521.022.01824752.189Evan Pohlenz
Nosler 90gr BondedAA5744CCI 41LC21.321.316NA2.08Curtis
Speer 90gr Gold DotAA1680CCI 450Double Tap21.023.52028252.094Timothy Repka
Hornady 110gr BTHP MatchAA2200CCI 450LC22.023.62025002.175Manfred Stanfield
Speer 90gr TNTAA1680CCI 450LC23.023.72027112.185Took First Deer with this load.Manfred Stanfield