Welcome to your new Gun Friendly Social Media Experience

Like us, we are sure you’re a responsible gun enthusiast, owner, or collector. But when other social media outlets target others in like minded groups and various other online outlets, you like us, thought it was time for another option. One that focused on protecting user data by NEVER selling users information. A social media site that was focused on the 2nd Amendment because those who oppose it, primarily don’t understand it and so it’s easy for them to focus on taking those rights.

This happend to us, we had groups on Facebook and other sites and found ourselves being removed because of our passion. Even thought we were a licensed FFL and followed all the laws. So we were in the same situation as you are now and that’s why we created Gun Book MSR (Modern Sporting Rifle).

So what does GunBookMSR Have?

  • A social media platform for Conservatives
  • A social media platform for Constitutionalist
  • A social media platform for 2nd Amendment Supporters
  • A social media platform that looks and feels much like the ones you’ve been using
  • Groups to invite others, share posts and ideas, some are public others are private by invite, or secret groups
  • Real Time Chat with other users
  • We have a completely FREE classifieds to buy sell and trade
  • Auctions (COMING SOON!)
  • Individual Blogs
  • Add Friends
  • Use the “like” feature along with other moods
  • Upload Photos
  • Share Videos (Video Uploads Coming)
  • Start a Poll
  • Use the # hastag in post or comments
  • Shared Load Data (in the works)
  • FFL Database (coming Soon)
  • More features in the works

Users can also earn points for interactions in the community. Just by registering with the site for a new account you will earn points and users can earn points for other things like commenting on posts, upload photos, sharing, and more. Then take those points and apply them to our online store and get free stuff! You know, the kind of stuff you enjoy for the outdoor sports. Points are already in place to get started and more details coming. So start earning today!

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